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Red wine and resveratrol, healthy heart and antiaging


Dr Dimitrios Gelis, MD, DDS, PhD, Otorhinolaryngologist

Damaskinou 45, Korinthos 20100, Greece, tel.00302741026631

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SPECIAL INTEREST: Medical nutrition, Supplementary Medicine, Preventive Oncology and Medicine, Vitamin D, Medical aspects of Red wine

Resveratrol  , a plant-derived polyphenol  which is present in the red wine and the skin of red grapes posseses several beneficial properties such as estrogenic, antiplatelet, and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a wide range of health benefits ranging from chemoprevention to cardioprotection. Several studies describe resveratrol as an antiaging compound, 

The antiaging characteristics of resveratrol  are attributed  to the induction of the expression  property of of several longevity genes including Sirt1, Sirt3, Sirt4, FoxO1, Foxo3a and PBEF.  Resveratrol prevents the aging-related decline in cardiovascular function including cholesterol level and inflammatory response, but it does not affect the actual survival or the life span of mice. [Das DK, et al, 2011]. 

It is well known now that mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are thought to play important roles in mammalian aging.  The antiaging activities of resveratrol of the red wine are   mimicking some of the molecular and functional effects of dietary restriction .

Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are thought to play important roles in mammalian aging.

The antiaging action  of resveratrol is  due to its  mitochondrial protective effects , which could be exploited for the prevention or amelioration of age-related diseases in the elderly [Ungvari Z, et al 2011]. 

Very rich in polyphenols wine is the Greek wine Gkelanto. This is an organic by nature, straw sweet wine from Nemea Greece (the variety Ayioryitiko).Gkelanto , by its nature, does not contain conservatives, such as sulfites, but it is kept unchanged by his natural sugars. Two spoonfuls of Gkelanto per day provide not only polyphenols, but also all the other valuable constituents of red wine such as anthokyanins and tannins, without receiving useless quantities of alcohol 

Copyright: Dr Dimitrios N. Gelis, Korinthos, Greece, 2010, 2011, 2012



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